We offer Chicagoland Amazing Event catering for your home or business.
several years ago, I was invited to cook at a friends birthday party and the rest is history.
The entire BBQ Baron operation is completely home grown. All of our business is word of mouth. People eat our food and instantly spread the word. When I am not enjoying time with my family, I'm focused on BBQ. I study it. I watch other people. I experiment. I fail. I try again. I eat other BBQ whenever I can. 

Mrs.BBQ Baron is the salad designer, decorator, and why everything looks amazing. She is the business generator/operator. I focus on the smokers, meats, sides, and sauces. I love BBQ and cant wait to serve you.
To give you the best damn BBQ with the most unique dishes and flavors to leave your guests buzzing about the food. You will be the talk of the town for years with the help of our BBQ catering services.
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